"lose and go down in flames!"

about me

berkan/ghetsis thou/it/co/no prns

18 years old + digital artist
genderless + mlm-angled aroace
system host + laveyan satanist

aspiring anthropologist/archaeologist
looking to take up astrophysics


astrophysics, physics and math
reading, writing and poetry
antique book collecting
gore, anatomy and medicine
philosophy, sociology and culture
cybersecurity and networking

bands i like

metal/metal rap

tallah, hungry lights, sammy slamdance, berried alive, slaughter to prevail, august burns red, angelmaker, impellitteri, dance gavin dance, leprous, the amity affliction, ice nine kills, wargasm, darknet, bring me the horizon, ghostkid, paleface, whokilledxix, clipping., motionless in white, desolate, king 810, silent planet


deadlocked state, destroyboys, mindless self indulgence, unprocessed, uplift spice, resolve, novelists fr, the orion experience, massive attack, nero's day at disneyland, lauren bousfield, soniacz, mekuso, pjeskor, takuya namba, ms. gyroscope, renard

byf and dni

i swear a lot, i don't post art regularly, i draw blood and gore (but i do tag it), all ages 13+ welcome to follow but i won't interact with you if you're under 16

i have grandiose, persecutory and suspected somatic delusions and sometimes they impede my ability to communicate in a pleasant way, please bear that in mind

basic dni criteria (lgbtphobe racist sexist terf etc.), don't support xenogenders and neopronouns, support or are an endo system/western tulpamancer, think the vincian flag is lesbiphobic, kin somebody i kin


me (doubles don't exist)

ghetsis - pokemon bw/b2w2

selfhood/id (very uncomfortable with doubles)

sigma/siebren de kuiper - overwatch
simon birkov - not drunk enough
wilfre - drawn to life

general (doubles cool as fuck)

kisshu - tokyo mew mew